An email to a Prospective Client with an Autoimmune Disorder… What Do I Do?

Energy frequenicesHi Potential Client!
Happy Sunday! Here’s the information I promised. I hope this helps to get you started. I’m also including steps I would take if we are to work together. Thanks for reaching out! As I do with all my clients, this is a warning to take care of your own emotional help. There may be some information here which triggers some emotional response. Please use the EFT techniques you learned at the workshop you attended with me anytime you feel something coming up. It could be as simple as tapping on your collarbone as you read through this information. If it feels overwhelming in any way, you may contact me directly at 215.620.9722. I accept texts!

In the work I do, I do not concentrate on diagnoses but rather look at symptoms. Because we are not directly working together, I’m going to give you some emotional aspects common to the symptoms that present with Crohn’s – based on the little information you’ve given me, and my general knowledge of Crohn’s. Particularly surrounding some of the digestive and loose bowels associated with Crohn’s it is often when we are confronted with the following without a release of the underlying emotional conflicts:

• Level of annoyance one tolerates from others
• Struggles revolving around lack of kindness
• Soft stools can be related to thyroid function, and is also associated with the need to complete tasks before starting something new
• Non-assimilation – or the inability to process food into usable substance for the body – is often a result of inability to set boundaries with others and say no. Can also occur with an inability to set boundaries with food intake. And may be related to energetic processing of electromagnetic fields as well as emotions which belong to others that you take on as your own
• Another aspect of diarrhea is when there is a wish to hurry aspects of life

Loose stools will be present during the stress phase of an illness or when your toxin load is full. Pain and colitis is actually occurring during the repair phase.

Do any of these emotional aspects stand out to you? That would be a place to start from an emotional standpoint, and is often where I ask clients to start if they want to use techniques to heal past emotional wounds and traumas, or something for you to being tapping on for yourself using the EFT techniques taught.

When I have clients with chronic ailments and autoimmune disorders, I do prefer to do a full energetic scan where we look at all organs of the body and scan for biological and made man toxins. I then recommend using the energy treatments and healing codes I give you and we will discuss other modalities that may be useful to your body for maximum healing (chiro, acupuncture, etc) and can test herbal remedies, homepathics, etc. In doing this, we eliminate anything that is toxic to your body and energy system so that you can enter into a healing state. I have seen this work faster than any traditional therapy. This would entail about an hour to an hour and a half to get a baseline testing field. During the next ten days, I give you codes to help put your body into a healing state and give suggestions on how to remove from your daily use what tests toxic – whether it is an ingestant (food), inhalant (air fresheners, etc), contactant (soaps, etc), and injectants (old bites, tattoos, etc). Okay, so I don’t ask you to remove tattoos – we just work to energetically clear any remaining toxins from your field. After the (approximate) 10 days, we meet (on the phone, over Skype or in person) and test again – this time is much faster to see if anything new is coming forward for healing at that time or if you can begin to reintroduce substances. We continue along this spectrum following your progress.

In a general case of Crohn’s, it would not be surprising to find old and hidden viral and bacterial fields, parasites and fungal infections, toxic foods or substances you are using. We may also uncover you are reactive to electromagnetic fields, your Hypothalamus Pituitary Axis is off, a cortical split where the right and left hemispheres of the brain are not communicating properly, trauma fields, and open or incomplete treatments. By open or incomplete treatments, I mean you may have energy treatments, again think Chiropractic, etc. that your body has not been able to fully accept. So you are using energy every day working toward completing these treatments but if you are not in a healing mode, this cannot be done and is an energetic cause of fatigue. The work I do provides your body an opportunity to keep your body in a healing state so you can see progress and feel better faster.

For some of my clients, they will be able to reintroduce foods and other substances that once tested toxic as they begin to heal. So there’s hope you may be able to have a glass of wine, etc as we move forward. But we first test for that! And then test to see how much and how often. For other clients, sometimes it is not in their best interest to reintroduce some substances. Each case is different and we proceed.
Okay, I hope that helps! I would LOVE to work with you. We can do the energy scan over the phone and subsequent emotional work over Skype or in person. If you have any questions, reach out!


Disclaimer: EFT, MR and energetic frequency testing is not designed to diagnose any illness or physical or mental condition. Some people’s emotional and/or physical issues are such that they shouldn’t try any healing procedure without the presence and guidance of a qualified health professional. Energy work for healing is still in its infancy and we have much to learn about its inner workings. I am not a physician nor do I have any formal training in medicine. There is no guarantee of any particular result, as each person is unique in what issues underlie their physical health.

Is Getting Sick Healthy for You? Five Inexpensive Ways to Recover Quickly

out-sick-1Outside of the personal “sick” days many take and bosses ignore, no one really likes having to call in sick to work, only to be bundled up on the couch shivering while Drew Carey host the Price Is Right. Yet holistic doctors affirm getting sick once a season is good for you to build immunity and to know your body is responding to virus and bacteria the way it’s supposed to. That dryness in your throat, the rundown feeling or slight sniffle is a precursor to what may come occur if you fail to head its warning and make a jump start to fight back to the invaders. This is a reminder to get back to your resolution goals of eating healthier and find natural remedies to combat the attack. That’s why at the first sign of any illness, I recommend the following:

1.       Drink Water + Mixers
Drink lots of water. And then more water.  Add a little apple cider vinegar to alkalize your body, fresh lemon to help remove toxins, or sea salt to increase the mineral content to your water. I developed my own 2-4-6 rule. Drink enough water until you pee twice an hour for 4 hours. Then treat yourself with 6 ounces of anything you’d like. Wine included. Feeling happy is part of feeling better.

2.       Stay in Your Pajamas
If you’re staying home, skip the shower. It’s not the shower that’s bad for you – it’s all the products used each day in the shower. As your body is working to heal itself, give it a little help and don’t cover the outlets for toxin removal on your head, feet, and skin. Instead replace your shower with an Epsom salt bath, a few drops of lavender essential oil, and leave the hair washing for another day.

3.       Irrigate Your Passages – Your Way
We have all heard the amazing benefits of using a neti pot to clear nasal passage ways. But is it really that comforting when you are feeling down? A gentler and therefore more likely to actually occur approach is to gargle with warm salt water. If the germs cannot get further past your body then your mouth and throat, there is less chance they will multiply inside your body and a higher chance you’ll be feeling better in no time.

4.       Save money and say no to delivery
While comfort food sounds, well, comforting, any sign of illness is a reminder to boost your nutrients and restore balance to your diet. Decreasing the energy your body has to spend digesting food increases the energy your body will spend healing. So ditch the quick trips to 7-11 and drink plenty of homemade bone broths, soups, juices and smoothies.

5.       Energy Medicine
While you’re home and forced to slow down, it’s beneficial to take the time to meditate. If it’s not part of your daily routine, you’ll greatly benefit from the personal time devoted just to you. Ask your body to reveal the pathogens and find a path of release.

See if you can find any emotional component to a physical ailment. Some common ones are:
Cold – Receiving or giving the “cold” shoulder or experiencing something unpleasant
Loose bowels – Taking on other people’s problems without a way to release them
Vomiting – Fear or rejection of something that’s been ask of you
Hoarse Voice – An event that takes your breath away or an unheard message

And remember, getting sick is nature’s way of telling you to slow down and take care of you!

Am I Good Enough to Be an “AP” mom?

There seems to be an upheaval in the parenting world, like in the reality TV show Big Brother where you are either a “have” or a “have not”, except this time you either “are” or “are not”. Since the world of Dr. Sears and most recently the Time Magazine article on Attachment Parenting, it seems I’m in my own world of “Who am I?” as a parent. Being a mom for only 18 months, I’m still navigating the terrain, finding new obstacles and corners at every developmental mark, and mostly researching the hell out of everything I can.

When my journey into motherhood began my goal was simple: To be a good mom. I knew there were things my parents did in which I wanted to follow their route but also things I wanted to do differently and pave my own way. Even though up until the day my son came home we said he’d sleep in his crib from day one so he could “learn” how to do it, and yeah, we’ll take a vacation just me and my husband a few months after he’s born (overseas no less) because babies are brought into a marriage, a marriage does not revolve around a baby – once my son was here I couldn’t bear to follow through on any of that. I found this term attachment parenting at some point and saw that fit what I was looking for. I began searching for other parents who follow this style and wanted to friend all of them. There’s so much to learn and it seemed like a great place to fit in, to belong. For the first year all seemed ok. I learned how to babywear from another AP mama when my son was 5 weeks old: She even gave me a Moby wrap. I’ve asked questions on forums and listservs and never been disappointed. There are attachment parenting groups and Facebook pages to give support. When it came time to feed our son real food, Baby Led Weaning was perfect for our style. The philosophies and goals for attachment parenting, mainly baby wearing, breastfeeding, and co-sleeping became our philosophy and happily, though often sleepily we parented through our first year in the blink of an eye.

For many of the families I’ve talked to, this route seems work well for them if they choose it; until at least sometime between when mom goes back to work and the toddler years. There are aspects of attachment parenting to the max that are hard, and for some take away from not just the livelihood of parenting but are emotionally and physically taxing on families. It’s a world where these philosophies run so deep that dad often sleeps on the couch and spouses disagree over how much is too much. Sleep deprivation and lack of focus came into play for me. If I had a penny for every time some said, yes, he may not be sleeping at night but it will pass before you know it and one day you’ll miss this… Ahem, after 18 months of not sleeping through the night my own circadian rhythm is off, my body is not healthy and I wake exhausted as my body is no longer resting at night but producing this human gold called breast milk. That in turn takes away from my ability to really focus in on things that matter and function at 100% any given day. This standard that we have to give to our children everything before our own needs seems to be way far to the right on the black-and-white scale. So in my family we’ve begun incorporating changes, like scheduled nursing through the day and a more strict wake and nap schedule. And it’s working for us! Yet as I’ve been telling other AP moms in conversations on the past few weeks about my new found joy, I am met with hidden judgmental looks and “advice”. It’s as if the most well-meaning AP parents take on this role that there is only one way to raise an emotionally healthy child and they strive to get me back on the wagon. It’s disheartening to feel so left alone, as if I’m not good enough to be an AP mom.

For some AP parents, especially those aiming to give their children a better upbringing than they had themselves, it’s easy to get wrapped up in these high standards: Standards not given by guidelines of attachment parenting but rather practicing AP parents. And so they succumb to putting all their needs aside and giving to their children without healthy boundaries in place. Thus, when they try something else, but then a goodhearted but high achieving AP parents judges them for stepping outside the box, for swinging to the left, they’re met with a feeling of not being a good enough parent. It’s enough to keep on barely surviving just one more month. When in my reality, I’m finding it’s a much safer world in which both parents and child are functioning at a level of equality that suits the family. So I’m handing in my attachment parenting sash. It’s no longer needed. But if I’m not an AP and I’m not a Weissbluth reader, then where do I fit in?

Is Energy Magic?

Thinking of magic brings back happy childhood memories, those of watching magicians perform their tricks and the wonder and amazement each illusion brings. Even as an adult, when learning the “secrets” of the performance, there’s something inside me that just doesn’t get it. I’d say I’m smart, mathematical, can figure out the ins and outs of magic tricks and certainly comprehend when someone explains it to me. Or can I? A few weeks ago I had the pleasure of hanging with a magician’s assistant. She filled me in on what she does – not after the warnings of “I won’t tell if it will ruin it”. And it didn’t ruin anything. I’m still in awe and it’s wonderful. We have greats like Houdini, Copperfield, Henning. They stun their audience each and every time. It leaves us wanting more. What is magic though? I imagine it’s something different to many people. To me magic is the art of transforming something in a matter of time that seems impossible.

So is energy magic? Most would say no. Yet what if I told you it’s possible to transform memories? Recent research suggests memories are elastic, and therefore changeable. And can happen in a short amount of time. It all seems to fit my definition of magic. So memories can be magic, but what about energy?

Recently I met with a client who couldn’t seem to get past an event that occurred when she was 6 years old. To this day I have no idea what the event was but using multiple energy techniques, including EFT and Matrix Reimprinting we were able to help her get through that life event, and changed the lessons she learned. Her life was changed in that moment; change she did not think would ever happen. And her life has turned for the positive. So what was that? A shift in energy, a clearing of invisible blocks, something hard to see actually occur, yet the glowing of her face, the lightening of her body, it was all apparent to those in the room. It changed my mind to the question is energy magic? For me, in many ways it is. And it’s magic I have the pleasure of viewing often, with the giddiness of a child.

On “labor” day we rallied

The very first Empowered Birth Rally was a success in Philadelphia despite the weather and short notice. It was a morning spent beautifully bonding together and rallying for a cause – mother’s choices during birth and an intention that all are granted access to evidence-based birth information. Families came from all over the country, including Kristi and David Kreutzer,advocates and founders of They filmed the rally for an upcoming documentary. Daughters flew in to be with mothers and a duo pair of Ernst Kitty and Rosemary Senjem led us in a wonderful sing-a-long. Ralliers took to the streets and brought the attention to passing by cars, lead in spirit and chant by Aliza Bancoff. Cynthia Flynn, director of Bryn Mawr Birth Center came to show her support and appreciation. Children brought inspiring energy and together we chanted, circled, spoke to the public, and engaged in this event which happened in 100 cities across the country at the same time on the same day. Many came before the rain, which damped our signs but not our spirit and many stayed through it all. It was a day to remember, for on the square in front of Independence Hall, with media coverage from 3 outlets, we celebrated our 1st amendment right to rally for change, knowing we mattered.

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Is Discipline Motivating or Consequential?

Until a week ago whenever I heard the word discipline, my mind directed me to thoughts of disciplining a child; usually with intent to control the situation and achieve a desired result. As a child I was privy to this discipline and in many ways needed discipline in my life. If my childhood years were anything like my teenage years, I was begging for discipline. I remember being grounded, even spanked a time here and there yet what I do not remember is finding comfort in the discipline. Or the results I needed from such. Such discipline teaches children they have one choice – to accept the consequences of their wrong actions as the only viable option for doing what may seem innate. Children act out for many reasons, and often don’t have a true choice. As such, when discipline in the form of punishments becomes the standard option, this becomes the child’s definition of discipline. With life beliefs being formed by the age of 6, it’s no wonder that as a 30 something, this was still my definition of discipline.

I cannot fault my parents or others for their course of action with discipline for I think all parents are doing the best they can with the knowledge and energy they have. However this form of consequential discipline only encourages self- procrastination and doubt. It is the full essence of, “every action has a reaction” and if it is not the right action, there will be a negative reaction. Until one is living in a balanced state of mind and body and knowing their own truth, the mind will continue to control the outcome fearing a negative reaction for every action; good or bad, right or wrong – often leaving one in a state of shock, taking no action at all.

With such deep rooted beliefs, I lived in a state of fear of is it the “right” timing, decision, place? Many of my major life decisions have been a jump into muddy waters, hoping (and praying) for the best outcome. Thankfully some played out quite nicely. Others have cost a lot more than I have to give, financially, emotionally and spiritually. When there is a build-up of uncertainty, fear, and stagnant choices, it causes emotional blocks in the body.  These blocks are a vicious cycle of continued procrastination. Outside of using healing techniques to clear these blocks and beliefs, how do we find discipline in our lives, and ultimately teach our children loving self-discipline?

Last week, while at an early morning play date with a neighbor and his daughter, I asked George what his secret was to getting his own business started with such quick progress. He said it was discipline. And that every successful author, blogger, writer, entrepreneurial he talked to give the same answer. That not just finding time, but making time, to do what you need is vital. (See George’s blog on mindful meditation here.) I meditated on discipline that morning and realized that not only is discipline lacking from my life in most ways possible, but that it is the key to my heart and success. By finding my own determination, desire, dedication and ultimately my own discipline, I can unlock the answers to all my questions and truths. So often, I have a list of things I want to do for myself, but having the time and energy all at once is a rare occurrence. Motivation is found from outside sources – a client visit, an owner needing a proposal, but to do something for my own self-being and self-worth is pushed aside with my family as my excuse. It is a form of self-sabotage from lack of self-discipline. So I embarked on a self-made challenge – to discipline myself every day for a week. The results are outstanding! Every day I followed a morning ritual; an Ayurvedic routine, awakening my senses before all else. Beginning with an eye rinse, brushing the teeth, scraping of the tongue, a neti pot, followed by using sesame oil to cleanse my mouth, gum, nasal canals and ears, followed by a beautiful technique of abhyanga (learn more on my friend Lynn’s blog here), and a full glass of water entering my body before all else. Furthermore I showered. Every. Day. And as a mom of a 1 year old, I don’t think that has happened in a year. Seriously! It’s been fabulous and every morning I accepted my new definition discipline; finding positive reactions to actions I may not necessary want to do at the time. I dressed up, and put on make-up, too! And guess what? In only a week’s time, my son has fallen into this routine and does not pout or fuss which I have always assumed would happen and thus the fear of a negative reaction was enough to keep me from actively choosing the positive action. Making, instead of finding, time has allowed me to meditate, practice yoga, BLOG!, and have more meaningful interactions with my husband. Essentially, a morning schedule was the self-discipline I needed to begin each day with its highest potential.

I will not tout that I have the answers to effective discipline with anyone else’s children or judge parents for their actions. What I am doing is starting to communicate with my son on the profound benefits of self-discipline and allowing him to make choices without imparting man made consequences. I talk with him, and help him understand his choices and allow any consequences to be the ones he imparts on himself. With a compassionate heart I hope he can associate discipline with dedication, desire, and determination; that when we impose self-discipline on ourselves, we can reach our highest potential.

How do you demonstrate and teach self-discipline to your children so they can motivate themselves?

Stephanie Hope Dodd holds a master’s degree in psychology, is an EFT practitioner, a certified yoga instructor, and a Reiki Master. Stephanie uses her practices and intuition to guide emotional and physical releases, specializing in working with parents and children. The aim is to find, balance, and maintain your energy. You can see more information at, or on Facebook (!/HopeThroughLove), (!/lilcheeze).

Empowered evidence-based maternity care in the states. What is it and why is it needed?

To head up the movement of Empowered Birth Awareness Week, on Monday, September 3rd at 10am nationwide – that’s all 50 states and in 100 cities – women, children, men and their families are coming together for the first time ever to rally for women and infants’ rights during pregnancy, labor and birth. It is a movement started through now non-profit organization Improving Birth. Their definition of evidence-based maternity care is, ““Evidence-based maternity care” means that the care that is provided has been proven by reliable research to be beneficial to mothers and babies, reducing the incidences of complications, injury and death.” This is important and needed in our current healthcare system. The US ranks highest among developed countries for labor inductions, cesarean (c-section) deliveries, and also maternal mortality.

This movement is set to help lead the force to improve birth maternity care, improve birth education, improve birth and birth standards, and improve the birth experience for all moms and infants. It is a movement that is fully needed and widely accepted. Women in our area are coming out from places in which we have no ties, no links already established, be it through social media or mom’s groups. Women are coming out and sharing this information because they do care deeply about the birthing experience. Women feel the need to say YES, I want to support moms who are going to be experiencing what can be the most joyful life event. Women are excited to take a stand and to show our medical teams that we do care what happens to our bodies and have a need to be empowered and respected during labor and delivery.

Childbirth is a natural process women endure to continue the cycle of life. While there are different practices and technologies to assist in the birthing process, it is believed modern childbirth practices contribute to a women’s feeling of shame and discontent after giving birth. In order to have a healthy and happy childbirth, the mother must feel a sense of control over her body and the childbirth processes, maintain dignity, and feel a sense of connectedness. Since the middle of the 20th century, the opportunity for dignity, control, and confidence during childbirth has declined. Reasons for this include the lack of first hand education about natural labor and the trend to deliver in hospitals rather than at home. Traditional childbirth classes teach expecting parents what to expect as the fetus develops and during labor. While prenatal classes offer guidance and support prior to labor, modern prenatal classes fail to keep the mother at the center of her care and do not consistently enable mothers to manage decisions during pregnancy and labor.

To me, evidence-based birth is treating birth based on historical evidence of the ability of women to birth naturally and in support of what is best for the mother/infant connection and mother healing after birth. Any time an intervention is introduced, some sort of medical toxin and/or emotional toxin is released into the mother’s system and most often the newborn’s system as well. These toxins are build-ups in the body which then delay the mother’s recovery time and the infant’s ability to absorb the world around them with clear vision and perception. When physical and emotional toxins are present, the parent/child bonding can be interrupted. Parents begin to make assumptions about their infant’s personality and this can be carried over into the toddler, childhood, and adult years. So birth is not something that happens to start life. It is a process which provides a blueprint for the rest of our

I came to know hospital procedures and expectations well as I fought my way to a natural delivery. I was a home birth transfer to hospital and those 26 minutes spent in the hospital prior to delivery were spent advocating for myself and my son. And giving up on things I desired. I gave into my OB on bed positioning for her need to have us in a “more medical friendly room and position”; I gave in to immediate cord clamping and infant suctioning. In some ways I was forced, and in some ways, I was pushed to feel a need to do so with the peds and neonatologists lining the delivery room walls. Yet as a homebirth educated mama, I was able to deliver naturally only based on the words printed in my birth records of, “patient determination and refusal of  procedures”. Had it been a different OB delivering us, I have no doubt in my heart my own refusal would have been pushed aside for their determination of the most medical necessary and safest delivery, which would have been by c-section. Those words, c-section, were said almost immediate of our arrival. I am forever grateful for the team of not only doctors that were there with us  that day, but for the availability of information provided to us, myself and my husband, during our pregnancy. Information absorbed from our homebirth midwife,  Christy Santoro, and books such as Ina May’s Guide to Childbirth. However it is well understood that not every pregnant mom has such a wealth of evidence-based information provided to them, or a network of support to guide and encourage.

Can we only fault doctors and medical teams for the lack of  evidence-based birth? Hardly. It is a medical education issue in many ways – the lack of delivery teams seeing natural or “physiologic” births occur – and our own societal prowess of, and medical fear of, lawsuits that increase medical need for efficiency. But it is more than that. It is a societal change of what laboring is. Scarcely does a woman see or hear about the joys of natural birth. Nor are we educated in the same way about the effects of birth, emotions, and traumas and the impact on health; physical, emotional, and spiritual. However there are those that are; those that are informed of the empowered birth process and evidence-based care. And this Monday, those that are, are coming out in force to share the positivity of birth! Join us and meet like-minded families during the Improving Birth National Rally for Change. In Philadelphia, we will be rallying for all on the lawn of Independence Hall.

Please share your story or desire for empowered and evidence-based in the comments section below.

Lyerly, A. D. (2006). Shame, Gender, Birth. Hypatia, 21(2), 101-118.
Nolan, M. L. (1997). Anetnatal education – where next? Journal of Advanced Nursing, 25(6),1198-1204.

Stephanie Hope Dodd holds a master’s degree in psychology, is an EFT practitioner, a newly trained matrix reimprinting practitioner, a certified yoga instructor, and a Reiki Master. Stephanie uses her practices and intuition to guide emotional and physical releases, specializing in working with parents and children. The aim is to find, balance, and maintain your energy. You can see more information at, or on facebook!/HopeThroughLove and!/lilcheeze


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